Titan Men’s Big Brother: Jesse Jackman & Julian Knowles

At Titan Men this week Big Brother, Jasun Mark’s anthology featuring male bonding, brings together hairy-muscled Jesse Jackman and Julian Knowles for a scene which also includes the theme of workplace sex. Jesse & Julian are landscapers working together on a client’s backyard and while they’re both concentrating on their job, the desert heat creates the need for a break. Soon, the break develops into something else entirely as the guys take advantage of the empty house.

In the beginning Jesse Jackman goes to the ice chest to get some water and offers some to co-worker Julian Knowles but you can see Jesse also has his eye on the strapping stud. This is especially evident as he tells Julian to go ahead and use the client’s pool and that’s it’s perfectly okay to do so. He watches Julian strip naked and get in the pool and Jesse joins him. They frolic in the pool and we get to see Jasun Mark mixing in footage captured underwater. Again we appreciate that Jasun mixes different techniques like this and a drone camera. It adds a little extra visual interest and it appears Jasun is having fun with it.

The guys kiss rather passionately and though it’s only an assumption Julian sure looks like a great kisser. Jesse must think so because they often go back to this during the scene. After getting out of the pol and kissing more Julian gets on his knees to suck Jesse with the same passion as kissing. Jesse returns the favor and Julian goes back to it before they take their workplace fun to the next obvious level.


Jesse fucks Julian against one of the support columns on the veranda and though it’s not a verbal (in fact there’s very little dialogue in the whole scene) there’s lots of grunting and intensity as registered in their deep breaths and groans. By the way Julian’s bubble butt is really perfect for fucking so if he didn’t bottom here it would be a real disappointment. They move over to a lounge chair where Jesse fucks Julian on his back.

They change positions once more with Julian riding Jesse’s cock and it’s here as he bounces up and down on his cock that Julian Knowles shoots his load. As Jesse Jackman lies in the lounge chair jacking off Julian ins thee to lick his balls and help him cum. It works because Jesse soon does shoot his load and the guys go right back to kissing. Let’s hope they clean up…no one would want to come home an find semen stains in their furniture!

Coming up next week at Titan Men th  is the muscled up finale with Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx!

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