Hot House’s Private Practice Continues…

This week Hot House the new movie Private Practice has what might be considered a perfect match: JJ Knight and his incredible ass-splitting cock and Ace Era and his cock-hungry bubble butt. Obviously director Nick Foxx wisely saw the potential here and realizes it in this second scene from his medical themed movie. It’s a basic doctor-patient boundary-crossing scenario but JJ Knight and Ace Era bring some extra dynamics to the scene to make it that much more memorable.

The predictable premise here would be JJ Knight coming to see the Dr Ace Era because he had an erection that wouldn’t go down or he had pains in his groin, etc. Not here. JJ is just in for a routine physical. As the good doctor examines him he doesn’t get handsy BUT he and his patient exchange numerous glances and slight smiles. It indicates a mutual attraction and in a casual manner they both let the exam drift longer. Even when Ace tells JJ to lie back on the exam table and take down his shorts everything seem very professional. But when the shorts are off JJ Knight is sporting a growing boner. Ace checks JJ’s balls and when JJ asks how everything is looking,the doctor responds, “Good…real good”

 Ace Era gently strokes JJ Knight and makes his thick cock grow more as JJ reaches over and takes out Ace’s cock. They still take things slowly, which adds a little layer of intensity that works so well. When Ace starts sucking JJ he bows down slowly and at first sucks his cock like he’s making love to it. Using his hand and mouth on JJ’s cock Ace slowly builds momentum and this appears to put the reclining JJ in a state of sexual bliss. Ace starts deep-throating JJ who looks like he’s right on the edge. This is even more apparent as Ace (now with his pants off) bobs up and down on his cock. Ace is sweating now and his eyes teary from all the deep-throating , but his energy level is on the rise.

  Ace Era gets up on the table to suck JJ Knight and plants his ass above JJ’s face. Of course JJ rims and fingers his hole and soon stops reclining. He has Ace bent over the exam table where JJ continues working over his hole. And if you’ve sen Ace in action before you know he likes to work  his ass and keep it in motion. With his body language he’s wordlessly asking to be fucked and JJ takes his cue and does it.

   JJ Knight plows Ace Era and goes right into power top mode. There’s no danger of JJ going too hard on Ace who not only can take it all..he wants it as hard and as rough as possible. He’s still wearing his necktie and even with JJ pulling on it Ace still seems like he can’t get enough. As JJ thrusts deep, Ace grunts out “fuck yeah” and he even has a smile of pure sexual ecstasy on his face. It’s there still as JJ fucks him on his back and pounds faster and faster.

  JJ Knight reaches the point of no return and pulls out and just like that Ace Era kneels under him. What follows is a wet ‘n’ cum explosion. JJ Knight’s huge cock shoots a tremendously large load that Ace can barely capture with his mouth. It’s on his face and neck and some of it undoubtedly shoots out of camera view. Ace also seems joyous to be getting as much cum as possible and shows off his unapologetic pig side by the way he slobbers over JJ’s still sensitive cock. And he keeps sucking on it as he jacks off and shoots his explosive load and milks it dry. He looks up at JJ Knight and tells him he’ll need a follow-up exam. That professional acting doctor is now gone and the happily fucked bottom remains.

Next week at Hot House it’s Doctor Pierce Paris with patient Derek Bolt! Stay tuned..

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