Cocky Boys: Josh Moore & Casey Everett

Josh Moore is back at Cocky Boys this week, playing the online hook-up of Casey Everett who makes his sex scene debut for the studio in part 2 of mini-series “Call Me Lucky”!. Guest-directed by Casey’s real-life boyfriend Dominic Pacifico this series really fits the Cocky Boys brand as we noted in our part one review. And now we see how Casey Everett just as neatly fits the studio brand. Hopefully more people see how sexy, charismatic and hot he is and how good he is as a performer.

As we saw in part one of “Call Me Lucky” Casey Everett and Sean Maygers cut short their tennis game to embark on separate online hook-ups. Last time we saw Sean have a super-hot flip-fuck with his date Boomer Banks while this time we see Casey’s sex date with Josh Moore. At first it appears that Casey is setting up a sensual, romantic date. He’s luxuriating in his tub, lit candles scattered about his bathroom and he calls up Josh (in a seductive voice) to invite him over, telling him he’s left the door unlocked and is waiting in his tub. Josh comes over quickly and as he stands there Casey gets up on all fours to show off his hot ass and invite him in. Josh drops his shorts and Casey’s mouth drops open and his eyes widen when he sees his cock.  So much for romance!

From the start you can see the chemistry between the guys with their beaming smiling and bedroom eyes as well as  something of an eagerness to go in full force, but first Josh Moore wants to see if Casey Everett can handle his cock. He stands over the tub and Casey enthusiastically sucks him deep. Even when you think Josh’s cock is fully hard there’s more to come and you see it grow and the veins pop out on the shaft as Casey sucks him. It’s a hot visual that Dominic captures along with Casey’s oral skills.

At one point the invitation is accepted and Josh gets in the tub with Casey. And since he’s already on all fours Josh rims and plays with his hard bubble butt and fucks him in the tub. NOW is when we see their pent-up horniness explode. Josh Moore just starts fucking and keeps a steady rhythm, going deeper as Casey Everett gets louder. Casey is both verbal and vocal and mixes his grunts, groan, and dirty talk naturally. You don’t get the sense this is forced and we love it.

They change positions but not locations. ALL the action takes place in and outside the bathtub. Josh still fucks Casey from behind out of the tub with Casey holding on to is as Josh pounds away. Again, some very hot visuals as Josh uses his entire body to fuck Casey. Then Josh sits on the edge of the tub as Casey rides him and he too uses his whole body…which is quite beautiful in all its muscular splendor.  Casey shoots while riding Josh’s pistoning cock and then he gets on his knees for a nice big facial.

Lastly, there’s something that Casey tells Josh on the phone when inviting him over that winds up being part of the scene’s last lines before fade-out. This twist hints at what we’ll see in part 3 and we’re pretty sure we know what’s ahead. It sounds very hot.Stay tuned…

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