Next Door Studios In December 2017 Part 1

There’s quite a bit of boundary-crossing in Next Door Studios‘ December line-up with open relationships and LOTS of family ties. In fact in this latter category there are quite a few brothers involved in the scenarios. We know that the holiday season is supposed to be the time when families get together but apparently Next Door Studios takes it several steps further.

The month started off with the multi-part “Don’t Tell My Brother”. While spending the day by the pool with his buddy Chad Piper, Johnny Hill goes inside and on his way to the bathroom accidentally sees Chad’s younger brother Grayson Lange masturbating. Johnny doesn’t realize that Grayson knows he spotted him or suspected Johnny himself was jacking off in the bathroom.  Later when Grayson finds Chad’s cellphone lying around he texts Johnny (as Chad) to come over. Johnny is surprised to be greeted by Grayson who wastes no time coming on to Johnny. But it’s all good because Johnny has noticed looks from Grayson and so they make both their fantasies come true sucking and fucking.

The newest release “Sunny Bums” is a variation on the first video’s plot. Steve Rogers comes by to see his friend but instead finds his friend’s brother Logan Cross nude sunbathing. Steve hangs around and gets turned on showing off the bulge in his shorts. Logan, of course sees it and soon invites Steve in and he fulfills his long time fantasy of sucking and getting fucked by his brother’s friend.

Coming up next week is part 2 of Open Relationships, continued from November’s series opener. In part 1 we learned that Trevor Jones and Mark Long have an open relationship and after a hot date Mark talks about it to Trevor. Trevor is turned on by the tale and the fact that Mark still thinks Trevor is hotter and they have sex. In part 2 “Learning To Play” Mark is confronted by Scott Finn who informs Mark that he slept with HIS boyfriend. As revenge Scott goes after Trevor but when Mark comes home and catches them he simply joins in for a hot three-way! And apparently Scott looks at his boyfriend’s cheating in a new light.

Open Relationships concludes a week later with “Horny Again” in which Scott Finn comes home to boyfriend Danny Gunn.  Indiscretions are revealed and Scott tells Danny that after his experience with Mark & Trevor he’s willing to share. In a twist Danny is more interested in concentrate on Scott! Like Trevor, Danny is turned on by learning about Scott’s sexcapade and wants him more than ever!

Another brother has fun, with a twist in “Her Boyfriend’s Parting Gift”. Hottie Lucas Leon (more please!) finds his sister’s boyfriend Matty Strong sleeping on the coach and correctly assumes that they’ve broken up. So, Lucas decides to give Matty a “parting gift” by giving him a hot blowjob and getting Matt to fuck him! And Matty sure doesn’t mind! They both get what they wanted out of now-defunct relationship.


In “Protein Loaded” it’s step-brothers who get it on. Leo Luckett comes downstairs to have a protein shake before working out and finds Markie More already enjoying one. Since their parents are already out for the day Markie has a another idea to be Leo a protein boost. It looks like this isn’t their first time as they suck and fuck in the kitchen and Markie gives him that shot of protein.

And in “Breeding My Best Friend’s Brother” Michael DelRay shows up at his friend’s house only to find his buddy’s younger brother Cameron Boyd wearing nothing but a towel abd showing a big bulge. One thing leads to another and the somewhat surprised Cameron winds up getting fucked by his brother’s buddy!

Coming up: more family ties, a Christmas themed video and the Next Door Studios‘ debut of of hot newcomer Blake Hunter! Stay tuned…

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