Corbin Fisher : Dave Rides Max

This week Corbin Fisher brings together two of their hottest guys introduced in 2017: Dave and Max! They’re a near perfect match and their scene is sure to satisfy members. In general the site has had a very good year of sexy new guys and match-ups and hot scenes but versatile Dave would certainly be one of the few with staying power. Max has that potential too and since after a hot solo debut and a very impressive sex scene debut with another prolific CF star Barron. Plus, he’s a fan of the site so we’re hoping that means longevity too. 

There’s no introduction or interview here. Dave and Max are already naked, kissing and hard when the scene opens and that’s just fine with us. Their muscular bodies look great together as their hard cocks engage in some “sword play”. We don’t always like “worm’s eye” camera angles but here is works to capture their cock dancing and Max going down on Dave’s hot cock. You do see Max sucking Dave from different angles and it appears he’s a really good cocksucker. He seems to prefer the sensual method, using his mouth AND hands. Dave seems to like this too, especially as Max fondles his tight balls. He pumps his cock into Dave’s mouth and Dave takes it without a problem.

When Dave reciprocates Max is on his back and gets the same hungrily sensual treatment ..which includes licking and fondling his balls. This goes on for an adequate length of time and then Max and Dave flip. With Dave on his back Max uses rims him with his tongue and mouth and again makes love to his hole. He also goes back to his balls and cock with that same sensuality. As extended sequences go this could just easily be satisfying if it was an all-oral scene. It’s that hot.

Max does start fucking Dave, slowly at first to ease into him. Max picks up the pace and fucks Dave deeper and visually Max looks very good in action. Both guys also moan and groan naturally, not with any forced dirty talk. Some tops just thrust and pound, while others use their ass effectively to gyrate into their scene partners, Max is in the latter category. He also makes sure to keep kissing Dave.  The title of this scene “Dave Rides Max” finally happens as Dave works his hole on Max….who continues to use his strong ass and hips to fuck into him. Surprisingly this title sequence doesn’t last as long which makes us wonder what the scene even had the title.

For their last sexual position Dave fucks Max from behind and really cuts loose. Here he goes faster and deeper and he must be hitting the target because Dave remains hard.  The guys get more vocal as they get closer to cumming and eventually Dave strokes out a big, long-lasting load of of his perfect cock as Max fucks him. Shortly thereafter Max strokes his beautiful cock and shoots all over a bent-over Dave’s crack and hole. He also slips it back in. They make out one more time to bring their scene to a nice ending, although this part seems just a bit more perfunctory than what has transpired before.

As we mentioned at the top Corbin Fisher has had a good year and they’ll be the focus of one of our year-end posts. Watch for it.


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