In December 2017 Part 2

In our second spotlight on December releases at there’s one new mini-series beginning and handful of stand alone scenes. Plus there are several Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher & Randy Blue alumni appearing in these scenes, and sometimes together. In addition there are still two blank spots on the release schedule so if those are revealed during the week ahead we may have still another spotlight.

One of those empty slots on the roster is part 3 of Alter Sin’s Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody. In the meantime part 2 has been released and it gives us an idea of what might be in this third episode and possible finale. It starts with a follow-up to part 1 in which Batman (Ryan Bones) tracks down Johnny Rapid and getting him to reveal that he’s The Flash. And once he gets into his costume at super-speed Batman tells him to join him. Meanwhile Aquaman (François Sagat ) swims out of the depths of the ocean and when he sees a newspaper headline declaring that Green Lantern has come out of the closet he seeks him out.

Aquaman finds Green Lantern (Colby Keller) fighting a gang of thugs (why he doesn’t use his power ring remains to be seen) and helps him out. Once the criminals scurry away GL thanks him for his help. But Aquaman is more interested in what “gay” means and wants to learn all about it..there and now. What follows is some exceptionally hot sex between François Sagat and Colby Keller. For the most part they remain costume but engage in some delicious cocksucking and fucking. François sucks Colby and vice-versa followed by Colby rimming him and fucking him in a variety of positions. Really, they’re very well-matched. 

 François Sagat cums while riding Colby Keller and then gets a massive facial from him. A hot climax to be sure but they aren’t alone. In the last part of the scene Wonder Woman (Manila Luzon) enters the picture and watches. The super-heroine provides some comic relief by way of some mugging for the camera and some sexual innuendo. Alas Aquaman (how did he get a French accent anyway?) isn’t interested in WW. Nevertheless she gets the heroes to join her in helping out Batman. So, the Justice League is formed. But who are they fighting?  If this upoming episode IS the finale will we see Brandon Cody as Superman? Stay tuned…

Also just released is the first part of Seal Team Sex from director Marc MacNamara starring hottie newcomer Blake Hunter. In part 1 this grunt is put through his paces by training officer Michael Roman who has Blake exerting himself several training exercises and maneuvers.  Blake is tireless and ready to follow orders, without question and with a strong “Yes, Sir” The impressed officer Michael tells Blake to get naked and take his ass…in order to test his abeyance AND to reward him.

This introduction to Blake Hunter  is quite hot. He rims Michael Roman and then gets sucked off by him, followed by Blake sucking and fucking Michael every which way. Blake displays masny qualities we appreciate in a performer. He kisses passionately, he sucks, he rims, he fucks and does it all with dynamic sexuality. He also has a pierced cock. one of the few we’ve seen on camera in recent memory. And Blake Hunter delivers a big creamy cumshot. In the next episode we’ll see his bottoming skills…for Diego Sans!

Coming up is “Welcome To The Building” in which Dustin Holloway moves into a new apartment and gets quite a housewarming from neighbor Ethan Slade. Ethan brings over a gift basket with lots of goodies, including his poking through a hole in the basket. Dustin gets the message and soon they’re going at it with Dustin getting fucked a-plenty. There’s just one small complication. Ethan seems to have a wife or girlfriend who catches the two when she comes out of the kitchen!

In a similar vein is “Hide The Hooker” with Myles Landon as a married man who’s also a risk-taker. He has his regular rent boy Titus come over to his house. Of course they’re right in the middle of sex when Myles’ wife shows up and he has to put Titus in the closet.  We’re not sure that it all works out in the end but the sex is very hot. Titus is new to the site but not to porn. He appeared in a few scenes this past year at Sean Cody although he had done other stuff elsewhere. More recently he’s been at Bromo and still under the name Titus.

In “Sorry Dad” Clark Campbell (formerly Forrest of Sean Cody) makes his debut as a stressed out, very busy student whose father is also putting pressure on him to spend time with him. It’s too much for Clark who can’t even get alone time in the shower with his buddy Damien Stone without dad interrupting. Damien helps relieve his stress by fucking him in the shower and dad one more time interrupts …much to his shock.

It’s a cold, rainy day in “Back Door” and Mick Stallone finds a little shelter on an apartment building’s terrace. He also spots Alex Fortin come home and get naked and Mick brazenly enters through the back door to sneak a peek at Alex jacking off. Of course he gets caught and Alex forcefully fucks him. Is a new romance in bloom? Not quite! Alex gets satisfied and throws out Mick!

Lastly, for now, is the first part of new series Trust Issues from Marc MacNamara. Former Corbin Fisher model Dante Colle begs his dominant husband, former Randy Blue stud Roman Todd to stay home but Roman has to go to work. And since he can’t trust Dante not to fool around while he’s gone he ties him up until he comes home. It doesn’t stop Dasnte from jacking off and while he’s getting off deliveryman, one time SC model  Zeus Michaels shows up. Dante tells Zeus where the spare key is and he enters to find Dante tied up and begging to be fucked. And so he does, right there on the staircase where Dante is bound. What will Roman have to say about this? Stay tuned…



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