Sean Cody: From Top To Bottom

The newest sex scene from Sean Cody is a topsy-turvy one in which Kaleb finally bottoms…for Jayden! AND, for the most part it’s a good scene!  Good timing for Kaleb, who was definitely on the bubble as far as we’e concerned. For one thing it seemed that there was no way he would ever bottom. Not a deal breaker really because there have been total tops at Sean CodyHowever, Kaleb didn’t always bring it to his scenes and sometimes had hard-on issues. And while a vivacious person he’s also had a problem with the giggles. On the other hand his scene partner Jayden has mostly bottomed but almost always brings his A game to a scene. So, with this change in both their roles, we had low expectations. 

You might find that Kaleb is trying way too hard in the introduction BUT soft-spoken Jayden balances that. And he remains pretty unflappable through the rest of the scene, even when Kaleb periodically gets a little too vocal or overreacts during the scene.  They start out though on the right foot with kissing and chemistry which works really well. Jayden exudes a little dominance, necessary to Kaleb bottoming for the first time. Kaleb can’t quite handle the entirety of Jayden’s cock BUT he tries. And when Jayden gets Kaleb on the bed and pulls off his shorts  it’s Eureka time: Kaleb has a big ol’ boner.


We have to assume that Kaleb must have practiced with something prior to the scene but still Jayden eases his cock into him. And when he starts fucking, Kaleb gets loud very fast, moaning and talking dirty As we mentioned it’s almost too much. Kaleb’s oft-repeated “Yup, just like that” is his way of telling us and Jayden he’s hitting the right spot but it still seems odd.

There’s a long, narrow side table on the wall near the bed that has provided many a hot fucking sequences at Sean Cody and it happens again here. Jayden fucks the cum out of Kaleb who only once seems to lose his hardon (or his “soft” moments are edited out), And Jayden keeps going until he creams inside Kaleb. Many a time in this past year the camera work hasn’t been up to Sean Cody standards but not so here.

Round two starts off with Jayden rimming Kaleb on his stomach and then on all fours. Soon Jayden is fucking vocal newfound bottom Kaleb. He goes all out pounding Kaleb’s very active bubble butt and this time really gives him something to be loud and over the top . He lefts Kaleb’s leg up and it works for some visual dynamics.

They get into one more position and frankly we didn’t think Kaleb had it in him to be able to ride Jayden’s cock. He eases down on him but Jayden starts going strong almost right away.  He fucks into Kaleb who again gets rock hard AND surprisingly he strokes out a skyrocketing load. Jayden again cums inside him and you’ve got two very satisfied models. The kissing here and the broad smiles tells us these two seem pretty proud of themselves.

We don’t expect Jayden to suddenly turn into super-top BUT we know he can top with the right bottom. We also hope that Kaleb returns to bottom some more. Maybe his learning to be good in this roll will help him do a better job as a top. Who knew that we’d ever be looking forward to seeing Kaleb again?


Alas the first sex scene of the week didn’t produce the same satisfactory results. That’s because bottom Barron was subjected to another merciless power top: Frankie! Who knows, maybe Barron really likes getting pounded. But on the outside it looks like he’s in constant pain It’s hard to think that Sean Cody would purposely set up Barron with another brute unless he liked it, right? At the same time Frankie doesn’t seem to be as wildly hot as usual. Suffice to say this pairing just doesn’t work for us.

Because there’s only  one change we’re foregoing our Sean Cody Top Model List this week. But we should mention that Jayden has moved into a tie for #14 and may be only three more scenes away from the Top 10! Stay tuned..

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