Bel Ami: 5 Star Scenes!

Bel Ami started off the week spotlighting videos that they consider to be “three standout 5 star scenes.” And once again we find no reason to contradict the studio because of the models involved. We’ve said it before and it bears repeating again that Bel Ami has such a deep roster of sexy exclusives and newcomers that the mathematical possibilities of standout match-ups is always high. 

WORKOUT SEX: With Antony Lorca and Gregg Meyjes. “Over the time that we have been working with Gregg (his first scene is from March 2014) his scenes have consistently rated highly amongst BelAmi fans. Today we have Gregg back in a scene with dark haired and handsome Antony Lorca. We start the scene with Antony finishing off his set of 1000 sit-ups (and given that body, I’m inclined to believe him) when his strenuous exertions attract the attention of Gregg, who has a much better idea of how to continue the work out.”

It’s interesting that Bel Ami has more to say about Gregg Meyjes because of the higher fan ratings his scenes get. We would have expected Antony Lorca to get more of the spotlight. He continues to look hotter as he matures and actually looks even more exotic. Plus he is the top in this scene and is certainly a dynamic one…and he has a big dick.


SIZE MATTERS: With Zac Dehaan and Peter Annaud. “Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach, and Zac’s simple ‘Hello babe, let’s go to fuck’ seems to do the trick for Peter Annaud. Those of you who are DVD fans will remember this remarkable encounter from the DVD ‘Size Matter’, for most of you though this will be the first time you are seeing this XXL encounter.

‘Peter seems to definitely be the better at giving blow jobs, but I am pretty sure that his cock is the biggest thing that Zac has ever tried to put in his mouth. The fucking action here is fast paced and intense with Peter taking all that Zac can give. For those of you who are left wanting more huge dicks all bundled together for ease of viewing, we can highly recommend any of our Size Matters or Offensively Large titles. ”

We think this scene is THE highlight of this trio of spotlighted scene. Zac is definitely one of our current faves both physically and as a performer: handsome (with a super-sexy smile), well-built, hung and a real -go-getter. Peter has also has dynamism and a big cock, plus he’s one of the few guys who doesn’t shave his legs or ass.  He’s actually a little furry! A hot scene no matter how you look at it.

PERFECT PACKAGE: with Jamie Durrell and Kieran Benning. “You may have the impression of Kieran from our series trailer that he is a wild and crazy lover. While that is generally true, he also does have his soft and tender side as well, so we decided to start our special off with one of his more gentle scenes. His partner here today is Jamie Durrell with a special guest appearance from Benny (No prizes for guessing how Benny the bunny got his name!).

“As our little series progresses you will see Kieran get wilder and wilder. After his interview you will see him fucking Jarrod and the final segment, which was supposed to be a double solo with Jason, but things got a bit out of hand and we ended up with a blow job scene instead of just a jerk off.”

There’s not much we can add to this description BUT we liked it because of this so-called “gentle” side of Kieran and the fact that he and Jamie don’t resemble any other Bel Ami model. If nothing else this makes them standouts.

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