Cocky Boys: Sean & Josh Tag Team Casey!

Cocky Boys‘ special series Call Me Lucky directed by Dominic Pacifico wraps up this week with a hot poolside three-way featuring Josh Moore, Sean Maygers and Casey Everett !  Even though the last episode strongly hinted that this match-up would happen in part 3, how it all goes down is much hotter than expected. Plus, there are a couple little twists to make it more interesting. And, after it’s all over you’ll be wanting to see more of all three of these hot and talented guys.


Call Me Lucky comes full circle , the scene opening just as the series began with Sean Maygers and Casey Everett playing tennis. This time it’s the day after they’ve each hooked up with Boomer Banks and Josh Moore, respectively when they’re scheduled to compare notes. As they talk to each other in with terms of affection it becomes clear that Sean and Casey are boyfriends and basically their dates the night before were auditions for a guy to be in a three-way with them. So, when Casey told Josh at the end of part 2 that his boyfriend would like him, we know why.

The beginning of this sex scene starts off with remarkably slow seduction…even though it appears all three guys  know where this is headed.  Casey Everett and Sean Maygers are both naked as they sit by the pool with Josh Moore watching then while lying in a lounge chair wearing a fully packed speedo. The guys playing with their bodies then Casey goes up to make out with Sean right in front of Josh. Soon enough all three guys are standing naked and engaging in a three-way make-out session. Once Casey drops to his knees and starts sucking off both guys he’s pretty much the center of attention…while paying concerted attention to both guys.

Casey goes back and forth sucking the impressively big, thick cocks of his co-stars…who periodically make out with each other. One thing you’ll notice is that these guys really seem to be enjoying this scene….and each other. We’re not familiar enough with Dominic Pacifico’s style but it certainly seems to match up with the Cocky Boys brand of joyous fun sex.  Casey’s mouth is very busy in this sequence but soon after this his ass gets busy too.

The simple lounge chair also becomes the prime, effective spot for the action going forward. On all fours Casey gets rimmed by Sean and then Josh joins in to double-team his perky bubble butt. It doesn’t last too long before Casey is spit-roasted by the duo. Sean Maygers fucks Casey Everett hard while Josh Moore fucks his face. Sean and Josh gravitate towards each other again to make out (this happens often in the scene)  as they take turns fucking him energetically. Casey is a very vocal and expressive performer and as such he makes it clear he can handle their cocks and whatever they dish out.

The next part of the scene makes the best use of the lounge chair for a three-way. Casey rides Sean who grips the chair and thrusts up into him. At the same time is able to lean forward and kiss Josh sitting in front of him. After a bit,  with one quick turnaround, Casey rides Josh while kissing Sean. Then the guys take turns fucking Casey Everett on his back until one of them fucks a load out of him. As we expected Sean Maygers and Josh Moore both jack off over Casey and shoot their loads over him. They don;t have simultaneous orgasms BUT they shoot one after the other..which is almost as hot.

The chemistry here is very genuine and it’s very believable. At the end when all the guys are so super-satisfied Josh comes out and says he’d want to come back for more the next day you could imagine it happening..even knowing that Casey and Sean aren’t a real-life couple. In case you didn’t know it it’s Casey and director Dominic who are the couple. Speaking of which we’d love to see Dominic Pacifico on screen with a Cocky Boys model. Let’s hope it happens.

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