Guys In Sweatpants: Ash & Jaden

This week Guys In Sweatpants pairs up newcomer Ash Hendricks with Kaden Dean who made his debut here in early summer…and they really make a good match-up! Newbie Ash is versatile but in his debut he bottomed for Austin Wilde, who sometimes gets the perks of a site owner by trying out the new guys. We were curious at the time if he’d be back and now we have our answer. As the site says he “gets to use his fat dick on one of our cute power bottoms– Kaden Dean!”

The ice-breaker for the guys happens in the park where yoga enthusiast Ask shows Kaden some positions and stretching. You’ll see there’s a small height difference but otherwise the guys are built almost identically. It’s pretty fascinating to see some moves that you might see in some acrobatic performance. It’s mildly sexual but alas their moves won;t get tried out in their sex scene.

Inside they get into making out and soon Ash gets Kaden naked so he can suck his cock. Kaden reciprocates and and already hard Ash gets even bigger and thicker as he lies back.  There’s a very nice chemistry here that shows in the way the guys move about together with such natural ease. It seems like they can’t wait to fuck but but they also ant this while thing to last.

While on the sofa Ash rims Kaden and Guys In Sweatpants accurately describes what we see: his “perfect, pink hole”. Kaden is definitely into it and without saying a word you can tell he’s begging to be fucked.  Ash slides right in and again they just seem to fit together so nicely. Kaden Dean rides Ash’s cock with the greatest of ease you might even think they’ve been together before.

 As convincing as he was bottoming for Austin, Ash Hendricks seems like a total top here. He finishes off fucking Kaden on his back with a “wow” finish. As Austin writes, “We LOVE deep, internal cum shots, so that’s what we gave you guys! ‘I can feel it coming out…’ is what Kaden says as Ash his pumping his load into him. So hot! ” Indeed it is. Another of Guys In Sweatpants many very memorable scenes this year. As we mentioned before this is THE comeback site of 2017.


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