New Faces For December 2017 Part 1

As we head into the last few weeks of the year, we’e still getting new guys with potential but it’s even more likely it will be 2018 before we see more of them and or find out if they have staying power. So for the last few posts of the year we could subtitle these post “Future stars of 2018”. 

Marty at Sean Cody There’s quite a lot going on with Marty who seems almost guaranteed of coming back. At 31 he’s older than most SC newbies but he has plenty of youthful energy and enthusiasm mixed mature confidence.  It sounds like he came out late so he’s still in the “exploring new things phase”.  Good news, he likes dicks of all kinds. He’d be interested in guys about his same size and build.

Marty also has a group sex fantasy he’d like to explore here at Sean Cody which involves him getting covered in cum. He’s also into lots of touching and foreplay which, in our opinion,  some models and studios everywhere could use a refresher course! Marty is so sensitive that if the foreplay is REALLY good he cums quickly. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen too often Mart has three vivid solo scenes in a variety of positions AND there’s one sequence in which he uses a dildo. More, please!

Conrad at Corbin Fisher.  Conrad reminds there have been several new guys at CF from whom we learn very little. It’s an interesting move on the studio’s part but we’re really left guessing as to their sexuality or potential for more. Conrad has stunning eyes, a handsome face and nice guy attitude. He’s also scruffy with a hairy, lean-muscled body. He’s an outdoors kind of guy too., Still, no sexuality questions at all during his Q&A.

Here’s one hot quality…” After his good looks, Conrad’s thick, uncut cock is a bonus – and he spends a long solo session on the couch driving himself to an explosive orgasm, leaving his fuzzy abs covered in cum!” We’l see if he returns.


Roman at Chaos Men.  This happy. pleasant 21 year old is considered as having a “twink vibe” according to site owner Bryan. Considering he’s 5’6″ with a lean body makes his 7″ thick cock with a big head look massive. He likes a variety of guys BUT his eyes light up and he smiles bigger when he talks about his interest in daddy types …ranging from 30-45! In fact Bryan says…

“For porn, he really likes seeing the daddy types take on the boys. He also really likes to read sex stories. For sex he is pretty versatile, and occasionally has found his cock was too thick for guys to take. He gets hard easily and his cock looks great all greased up. Daddy types will love his hole too, as it looks perfect for fucking!” A year-end video perhaps?

Spencer Laval at Active DutyThe site is REALLY big on this hottie abd for good reason. He’s built, handsome and hung…”Spencer is his name and by the end of this scene his name will be engraved into your mind. His body is flawless and his build is what a true soldier in the field looks like. He drops his clothes with amazing speed revealing his beautiful cock which is thick with a sexy thick vein right down the middle.

“His veiny hands grab on his throbbing cock pulling his shaft up and down showing us every sexy inch of that meat. Spencer’s balls glisten and bounce with each stroke of his cock. Spencer isn’t shy and by the looks of it he is very comfortable in front of the camera. Sadly this beautiful stroking man has to come to an end but as he stands over our glass table stroking his cock he blasts a sexy thick load of cum all over it. Enjoy!”

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