Titan Men’s Big Brother: Liam & Lorenzo

This week Titan Men wraps up anthology Big Brother with a big, beautiful muscle match-up: Liam Knox & Lorenxo Flexx! They play two big & burly blue-collar studs in another sex-on-the-job themed scene but with a little twist. Director Jasun Mark’s Big Brother hasn’t been fully cohesive as a themed anthology BUT it’s hard to complain or nitpick with scenes like this.

In the Big Brother finale electrician Liam Knox gives instructions to his apprentice Lorenzo Flexx who is quietly eager to handle an assignment on his own. Liam agrees…as long as he’s around to keep an eye on him. When Lorenzo earnestly thanks Liam for letting him be his apprentice and says  “I really enjoy working with you.” you can see he’s a little hesitant to express himself more. The the guys just look at each other and actually it’s a very sweet, almost romantic beginning..especially for a blue-collar scenario. Liam moves closer, feels Lorenzo’s body over his tank top and moves in for a kiss. It’s both cute AND hot.

The slow, naturally passionate kissing leads to Liam taking off Liam’s shirt and exploring his body. They kiss even more passionately and take the time to look at each other intently. It’s enough to ask yourself, “What are they REALLY thinking about?” Lorenzo takes off Liam’s tank and explores his body too as they continues kissing. Ever so subtly Liam begins to exude dominance over Lorenzo who gets on his knees and begins sucking him relentlessly …as Liam gets more vocal and more like a daddy.

Liam definitely encourage Lorenzo to keep going and as he gets more vocal offers praise to Lorenzo. At one point Liam bends down to kiss him and then switches roles. He sucks Lorenzo’s cock as the apprentice stands above him play with his nipples. But the dynamic of Daddy Liam and his boy Lorenzo continues. And at one point Lorenzo also bends down to kiss the attentive Liam.

Liam takes Lorenzo over to one of those large air condition units and bends him over to rim his magnificent muscled ass, finger fuck him and eventually start fucking him. Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx are very vocal as performers and this kicks in for both of them once the fucking begins.  You can almost feel the intensity of the action and sexual pleasure here, another version of the passion exhibited in a more quiet way earlier.

Liam pounds away at Lorenzo from behind and then finishes him off on his back. Lorenzo Flexx and Liam Knox both deliver intense cumshots to go along with the change in tone for this latter part of the scene. And though it all sounds hard and rough they fall right back in to kissing each other with deep passion. No epilogue but you can assume that the electricians will be working together more closely from now on…

Next week Titan Men rolls out their year-end biggie: Director Joe Gage’s West Texas Park & Ride! Available for pre-order now it stars Matthew Bosch, Luke Adams, Jason Vario, Jeremy Spreadums, Tex Davidson & Dakota Rivers ! Stay tuned…

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